Spay Aware Ireland


Ever since its launch in 2002 as part of a nationwide grass roots effort by animal welfare groups and individuals, SpayAware has highlighted the importance of spaying and neutering to address Ireland’s pet overpopulation crisis. SpayAware appeals for action to end the plight of unwanted animals by promoting the key message that spaying or neutering cats and dogs is an essential part of responsible pet ownership.

According to TV vet and SpayAware founder Pete Wedderburn, while there has been a welcome decline in the toll of unwanted cats and dogs over the past decade from over 20,000 to under 4,000, there is still a long way to go. “There is no room for complacency, “the number of abandoned animals in Ireland and the consequent suffering and or destruction is still at an unacceptably high level.” “Pet owners need to be responsible and stop contributing to the crisis of unwanted litters of puppies and kittens in this country,” Pete Wedderburn says. Early spaying and neutering is also the healthy choice for most pets. Research shows that early neutering reduces an animal’s chances of developing common cancers and other diseases. Says Pete Wedderburn, “Early spaying and neutering keeps pets healthy, helps control the over-population of stray cats and prevents the needless destruction of perfectly healthy animals in pounds.”

The annual SpayAware appeal is taking a new direction this year with the broadcast of a week-long national radio advertising campaign as part of the overall campaign. Using the hook that “cats and dogs can’t add, but do multiply,” the 30-second ad is running on Newstalk FM from Monday to Friday 25th-29th May, 20915. The ad is voiced by TV vet and SpayAware founder Pete Wedderburn, who said everyone associated with the campaign is delighted that national radio advertising was being employed as another means of getting the SpayAware message across. The production and funding of the ad is being supported by the ISPCA, Veterinary Ireland, the DoneDeal PetAware Project, Allianz, and Maxi Zoo.

As part of our 2015 campaign, SpayAware is circulating posters featuring broadcaster and presenter Claire Byrne, highlighting the spay/neuter message, for display in hundreds of veterinary clinics and other venues around the country. To help communicate the message, printed versions are being circulated to veterinary clinics, as well as animal welfare charities, and other groups and individuals around the country supporting the campaign. If you would like to display posters within your local community, downloadable versions for self-printing are available on this link.

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SpayAware 2015 With Pete Wedderburn and Claire Byrne

By doing so, you are helping to promote the SpayAware message and highlight the critical importance of spaying and neutering to end the terrible plight of the thousands of unwanted cats and dogs abandoned in Ireland every year. The production of the posters is being supported by Veterinary Ireland, the DoneDeal PetAware Project, Allianz, the ISPCA and Maxi Zoo.